1. Right click on the emoticon and then "Save target as" or "Save Image as" and save the emoticon into your computer.

2. Right click on the emoticon you want in the left colume of Customize Your MSN. Choose "save image" and save it on your computer where you will know where to find it. The desktop is handy.

3. Sign in to Microsoft Messenger and look for a drop-down tab in the menu. Choose "tools." Then you should see "Emoticons" and "Display Pictures" among others.

4.For Emoticons, look for the "create" button. "Find the image" on your computer. If it asks for a keyboard shortcut, just type in anything. Then name your emoticon (optional) and click OK. You're done.

5.To download a display picture, follow the above but simply browse your computer for the image and save it.

6.Next time you are messaging, you should see the added emoticon (custom) or display picture among the others.

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